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Jimmy Vallee is among America’s most prolific energy dealmakers. As a Texas-based global mergers & acquisitions attorney, he quarterbacks a high-profile legal team for Top 100 law giant Winston Strawn LLP but his energy pedigree didn’t launch in law school. Jimmy’s roots are in the Texas oil fields.

Vallee grew up in Beaumont, Texas where he saw first-hand the real world side of the oil business and developed the practical street sense he brings to mega-energy deals and the boardrooms of global energy firms.

When not orchestrating energy corporate deals, Jimmy Vallee penned the 2017 #1 Amazon best seller – Giant Shifts, Energy Trends Shaping America’s Future. Jimmy’s message that the United States is at a defining moment, its future to be determined by decisions we collectively make about energy today, is changing the conversation for business leaders worldwide.

Jimmy Vallee provides frequent expert legal commentary for media outlets, bloggers, and professional publications. For information on his Giant Shifts tour or to book Jimmy for your event: CONTACT

Giant Shifts by Jimmy Vallee


Giant Shifts: Energy Trends Reshaping America's Future

Jimmy Vallee's illuminating tome reveals six energy trends and the massive changes they're causing in U.S. business and society. An eye-opening What's Next from a notable insider. More

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Houston Ship Channel Dominates US Crude Oil Export

June 19, 2019

With geopolitical and macroeconomic influences making for some appealing oil prices, U.S. crude exports continue to exceed projections. Last year, nationwide crude exports averaged 2 million barrels per day,... MORE



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