Energy Dealmaker Jimmy Vallee Hits Best Seller With 1st Book: Giant Shifts

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Energy Dealmaker Jimmy Vallee Hits Best Seller With 1st Book: Giant Shifts

America's #1 energy dealmaker Jimmy Vallee, adds Best Selling Author to his high profile bio as his book: Giant Shifts – Energy Trends Reshaping America's Future (Sutton Hart Press) hit #1 on Amazon in Oil & Energy the first week on sale.

Hailed as the Oil Industry's New Prophet, author Jimmy Vallee's Giant Shifts takes readers inside the trillion dollar high stakes energy industry with A Bold and Provocative Look at Oil's Past, Present and Future.

Giant Shifts spotlights America's new leading role in energy, no longer subject to the geopolitical shackles of dependence on foreign oil, and reviews the current industry Shifts including:

  • Generational Dynamics – An aging workforce in immediate need of tech savvy high energy newcomers as Boomers pass the torch to Millennials;
  • Oil & Gas' Digital Future – New discoveries and technologies catapulting the U.S. into the oil and gas limelight;
  • Industry Capital Needs – Innovative yield based securities solutions to the massive capital requirements of an expanding energy production and delivery infrastructure;
  • Houston's Big Future – The Texas city's quick evolution Silicon Valley style as the hub of U.S. oil technology, finance, training and entrepreneurship.

And, the Geopolitics of Oil wherein Vallee opines on possible futures for the U.S. depending on policy and economic decisions leaders make today in the new OPEC-down America-up energy landscape.

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