Giant Shifts

Giant Shifts: Energy Trends Reshaping America\'s Future by Jimmmy Vallee

Jimmy Vallee’s new book Giant Shifts: Energy Trends Reshaping America’s Future hit #1 on Amazon’s Energy best sellers at Sutton Hart Press, known for valuable and thought provoking content from extraordinary authors ranging from stem cell scientist Christian Drapeau (Cracking the Stem Cell Code) to syndicated columnist and civil rights lawyer Norman Pattis (Taking Back the Courts).

Vallee, a leading American energy mergers and acquisitions attorney and quarterback for billion dollar global deals, takes on the mantle of futurist for a fascinating What’s New and What’s Next. Combining his Texas based energy street sense with global data, facts, and trends Jimmy looks at several possible futures for the United States based on decisions we make today.

The topic is one well-deserving book length coverage and we are fortunate that Jimmy Vallee is the one to make it happen. He makes the complex subject understandable for everyone and offers a roster of smart suggestions for U.S. policy makers, energy & tech leaders, and everyone involved in the business, legal, and regulatory mosaic of American energy.

Compelling information from a high authority energy industry thought leader – Giant Shifts: Energy Trends Reshaping America’s Future.

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